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Friday, March 15, 2019

[Game] Download Haremon Ver Free

Download Haremon Ver Free
Download Haremon Ver Free

About Haremon Ver

Haremon is a hybrid RPG/visual novel about building a harem of monstergirls, training them in battle, and maybe even seducing them along the way. Strip your opponents naked, cover their bodies in sticky “serum”, form relationships through various lewd and flirty interactions, and eventually bring them home and have your way with them.
– Added the “Crimson Katana” quest. This is the conclusion to the first “Chapter”, and focuses on recovering Miruku’s memories. It introduces 2 new dungeons (each with several new events), 3 boss fights, a new CG, and 2 new Haremon (see below). Upon completing “The Lady in Black”, you will be able to access the new content by talking to Professor Laurel about Miruku’s nightmare.
– Added a new Haremon: the Gargoyle. She can be encountered during The Crimson Katana
– Added another new Haremon, which I won’t spoil!
– Completely reworked the witch’s sex scene with an all-new CG and more expansive dialogue. The old CG is no longer in the game, but it can still be found in the Special Edition folder. If you’ve already unlocked her old CG, you can just have sex with her again to view the scene.
– Added a Valentine’s Day sex CG, accessible between the 10-20 of February. You can access it by completing a small quest given to you by one of your Haremon during this time. You’ll also receive some unique items.
– During the Valentine’s event, you also have a chance of receiving special gifts from Haremon, namely Sweets and Flowers. Additionally, Haremon are more likely to accept your offers for sex.
– Added the gargoyle’s ecchi CG
– Added Scarlett’s ecchi CG
– Added Delilah’s ecchi CG
– Added many new techniques (most are for the new Haremon, but a few are for existing ones)
– Added a bunch of new kinks, obtained from new enemies and events.
– Removed the tedious, arbitrary requirement of finding a Sunflower for the monarch. She’ll
now join you as soon as you tame her.
– Altered some battle mechanics to make low-Fortitude Haremon less fragile
– You can now raise Annie’s affection by buying items
– Added a “filter” option to the To-Do app
– You now receive a Haremon’s unique panties after you have sex with her.
– Added a bunch of dialogue to each NPC’s “Let’s talk about…” option
– Added a hint system. You can now call Professor Laurel at any time using the Phone app and select “I need help” to get a hint pertaining to any of your active quests.
– Many other tweaks, changes, additions, and bugfixes
  • Original title: Haremon Ver
  •  Language: English,  
  •  Developer: Haremon Dev
  •  Release: 05/03/2019
  •  Censorship: Uncensored
  •  OS platform: Windows

Download Haremon Ver Free:

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Warning! Read the FAQs before download game.

Video and Screenshot

Download Haremon Ver Free
Download Haremon Ver Free

Download Haremon Ver Free
Download Haremon Ver Free

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